Module 2

Fees Management 

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Online Payment Gateway

Free payment gateway for school fee collection.

Fee Payment

Link to pay fee directly from Rtotal application

Customer Fee Receipt creation

School can create custom fee receipt format.

Dues Notification

Parent will get notified for single click for there dues.

Demand Note

School can use for any important notice to particular student for there reports.

Previous Year Fee

Admin or parent can check the fees of last year.

Outstanding Due Report

School can check there outstanding report of each student.

Old Fee Report

Last year fee report in one click

Online Payment Gateway

Free payment gateway for school fee collection.

Fee Payment

Web portal for fee collection.

Outstanding Due Report

School can check there outstanding report of each student

Features in detail:

  • RTotal is one of India’s leading school management applications. Its user interface was developed bearing in mind the significant merits in the “ease of use” concept of mobile-based technology over the largely obsolete desktop-based administration.
  • While combining the benefits of technology and strong communication at every step, RTotal provides you with real-time data analytics on fees management. Imagine the convenience of having real-time information on the status of fees collected at your school, with the click of just a button on your handheld device, at any time, from anywhere where in the world.
  • The benefits of the fee management feature of RTotal do not just end there; now you can also check the status of fees collected from every student and also reference their dues, including any late payment charges levied on them with the click of a button on your mobile phone. 
  • No more of having to ask your accountant for lengthy collection reports, nor having to spend hours reviewing them. Furthermore, the RTotal App is designed to behave like an extension of your accounts team and can send periodic and consistent reminders and notifications to the parents and guardians for payment of dues.
  • Additionally, we are confident that you will love our demand note and online fee collection features which leaves the parents with no scope for making unnecessary delays in their payments to the school. Last by not least, another great feature of the RTotal fee management system is the auto-generated fee receipt, which leaves no scope for human errors.
  • Come and be a part of the next generation of technology in school management software and save up to two times in your operating cost while increasing the productivity of your team by at least 30 percent.
  • Know more about our other modules and make RTotal “Your School Ka Dost”. 

Fee Collection:

Struggling with Fee collection during the pandemic? Using multiple systems to assess what’s due and what needs to be paid?
What if you could get all this information with the click of a single button on a “Daily” basis!

  • Our vision was to create an ecosystem that covers all aspects of school management.  Gone are the days when one would have to login into multiple software to find solutions to simple queries.
  • Fees Management is the backbone of every school. Queries such as payer information, payment method, the realization of payments, payment schedule, staff salaries are just some examples to highlight the myriad of financial activities that happen in schools on a daily basis.
  • Imagine the pain of having to track such information through cumulative reports on a Quarterly or Half Yearly basis! RTotal is a simplified mechanism wherein you have to enter the details of your student just once.
  • Thereafter, the App sends periodic notifications to the parents in order to enable them to pay on time. Furthermore, the App is also enabled to send demand notes and credit notes in addition to tracking fee adjustments through a single platform.
  • At RTotal we believe in the seamless integration of information and technology to enable superior financial management in schools.
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