I will explain you exactly what RTOTAL – School Management Software is all about and what is aim of it.


  • We started it with a dream and now it has become a life goal for us.  The main motto to develop this app is to help the administration of education to work simple. The RTOTAL app includes all the features and meets the standards from principal to teachers to parents to students.
  • It allows us to look for the best school for the children’s final board outcome and even with the registration and fee management to the generation of the report card.  Parents can track the record of their child and ask for appointments from the teacher.
  • The main modules every school needs and we provide are Database Management & Communication, Fees Management, Online Enquiry and Admission, Report Card Management, Eval – Online Assessments.
  • Every industry is becoming smart these days by implementing high-end technologies. Schools and Colleges are not an exception to this trend. The majority of the schools became smart already, by integrating advanced technologies like school management systems (School Software ERPs, ultimate school management software, School software Gold Version, School Management Software Elite Version, Pro School management system, ERP Software) into their daily chores.


Database & Communication

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Fees Management

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Online Enquiry & Admission

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Report Card Management

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Eval – Online Assessment

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  • We provide a system that works 24/7 to update and modify content as per their requirements and needs. Here we developed a set of reform education to raise each kid in a better way.
  • You can customize add-ons in the existing school management software.We provide a stable and sustainable platform that guaranteed in helping administrators to modify and access the data from anywhere and anytime without any interruptions or errors.
  • Get in touch with us to get started.

App Setup and Implementation:

  • Get your school online in less than 7 minutes!! Even fast food takes more time to be served. CLICK HERE TO KNOW HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?
  • In a study conducted by RTotal in 1000 schools the number one concern of the majority of schools was observed to be that of database management. Data often get mismatched while working on MS Excel causing unnecessary worry and distress within the organization.
  • Well, not anymore. At RTotal we provide seamless integration of data on your servers. Contact our managers to know more.

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